Why I am Charlie ?

I am Charlie

Like many of us, I was very marked by the massacre in the offices of Charlie Hebdo this Wednesday, January 7, 2015.

Yet I am not Charlie Hebdo reader, but I was cradled in my youth by Harakiri, Coluche, Gainsbourg, Renaud and Cabu. I have trouble understanding that could assassinate those kids who expressed themselves freely with their pencils and pens.

Why I am Charlie?

I am Charlie because I feel bruised my core values, my freedom to think and to express myself.

I am Charlie because I am also a kid who saying silly things and respectful of others.

I am Charlie because I am a citizen expressed through the vote.

I am Charlie because I live in the country of Human rights.

I am Charlie because I talk about everything with my children.

I am Charlie because I’m … me.

This Sunday, January 11 France, Europe, 5 continents, almost the entire Earth walked for Charlie, freedom, togetherness, respect, unity.

Tuesday, January 13, all MPs and ministers sang the Marseillaise in the National Assembly. What a beautiful picture we’d like to see more often. Besides, why our national anthem it is not sung at the beginning of each session of the National Assembly? Our politicians should set an example of national unity more often. We love it!

And when will he go ?

Our government gradually return he will get in his habits and squabble left / right / center / extreme for the upcoming county elections? Or, hopefully, will he a constructive speech, listening to each other, to work together? In short what we are all waiting for a long time.

He is the general mood fade in favor of the daily problems of each and every one?

I, for sure, these events have reinforced my values, my freedom, my expression and my mind will be possible and always to Charlie.


Conseiller en insertion professionnelle et Concepteur développeur web. Passionné de l'image et du tir sportif.

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